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About OTTN

Welcome to Outpouring To The Nations (OTTN). We are a family with a big HEART and an even bigger VISION. We believe in making a difference by reaching out and helping those who are most in need. We operate in Ghana, Nigeria, and Northern Uganda (among South Sudanese refugees) and strive to spread God's love and grace to the nations. Our mission is to spread the LOVE, GRACE, and WORD of Christ from the Gulf of West Africa to the enchanting vistas of the Mediterranean.

Our Helping Hand Initiatives (HHI) encompass three broad areas: Missions, Charity, and Social Change. These three facets are interwoven with the common aim of glorifying God among the nations. Our primary focus is MISSIONS in the Sahel and other remote African regions, with the other two branches of HHI designed to support our missional efforts in various parts of Africa.

We believe that by providing a "helping hand", we can make the world a better place for all people.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Outpouring To The Nations aims to ensure that the GRACE of God, the LOVE of God, and the WORD of God are expressed amongst the nations.

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Our Vision

"Preparing the way for the return of the Lord"

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